Success Stories

Success Stories

100 SAS Success Stories

Success Stories

Jully Black

My name is Jully Black, and as the Founder and an active member of 100 Strong & Sexy, I am inspired by this community who have chosen this global platform to commit to their health and wellness journey. If you really knew me, you would know that I turned the pain of the sudden passing of my beloved Mother Agatha Gordon into passion and purpose. I couldn’t let grief pin me down before deciding to get up and birthing what is now 100 Strong & Sexy. I love and live you, Mama Black. 

Want to be inspired on your health and wellness journey? Check out the incredible transformations and read the amazing success stories from some of our members.

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Audrey Dixon

100 SAS has redefined what life means to me. I am truly grateful to my sister Rosie who led me to Jully Blacks Instagram page which has brought me to where I am today.

My ultimate goal through this journey is to find myself. I am a work in progress. I have been through past traumatic experiences where I found myself layering weight on (my heaviest weight was 280lbs), in turn having some serious health issues, and trying to find love in relationships that were toxic. I’ve always been the person looking out for everyone else but not for myself. I started to turn things around after the loss of my eldest sister Maria to diabetes. I love my five sisters dearly but Maria KNEW me. Before she left us we had the most amazing heart to heart. I promised that I would live my best life & learn to love myself. I miss her everyday.

Born and raised in Ottawa ON where I spend 28 years before I eventually moved to Toronto to start a new chapter. The only regret I had was having to leave my family, otherwise there was no looking back. I desperately needed to find myself but honestly didn’t know where to start. Several years later, I was still trying to find myself and continuing to struggle with my weight. After a close call with my health I had to make some immediate changes and started my healthy living journey. I started out on my own buying a treadmill, weights, kettlebells etc. It was extremely difficult at first but now long afterI loved how it made me feel, I wanted more and found CrossFit. It was an amazing experience and I found a community that accepted me even with my lack of experience with strength & conditioning. Covid hit, the lockdown began and I had to rethink my fitness journey.

One day I saw Jully introducing 100 Strong & Sexy Cycle 9 on her Instagram page. I was drawn to this but wasn’t sure if I was ready. I was working a job with early mornings and late nights at the time but then a new job opportunity came up where I would be working better hours from home. Decision made, I found myself going to the 100 SAS website to find out more and I took the leap!!! I knew I needed to find a personal balance, especially working from home.

I will never forget the Cycle 9 virtual Orientation Session. I was shy, excited and anxious but extremely curious. I can’t even express how happy I was to see a screen filled with fellow women of mixed culture and age dancing, laughing and being in the moment of energizing music pumping through my speakers. I could feel the love & I didn’t even know anyone. 

I absolutely adore all of my 100 SAS sister eagles but special thank you to Jully for creating such an amazing environment for us to gather through various programs and after our 1:1 conversation I knew without a doubt I had made the right decision and Karen Linton for reaching out after my first Power of Step class to make sure I was ok and has been looking out for me ever since. I am so proud of how far I have come with step. 

Every aspect of 100 SAS is incredibly engaging & supportive. Whether it’s Wake & Worship, Book Club, Plant Forward Club, Belly Boss, Arms of an Angel, Sassy Step Sistahs Club and raising the bar in fitness with the Power of Step. There is something for everyone.

I want to pay it forward, taking fellow eagles under my wings and helping them in any way I can.

From the bottom of my heart I appreciate every single one of my sister eagles!!!

Thank you for all your support, encouragement & laughter. 

I can’t wait to see what Cycle 10 has in store for us.

I am Strong! I am Resilient! I am Determined! I am Powerful!


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Success Stories

Barbara Chambers

If you really knew me, you would know that I was a bubbly, outgoing, and vivacious person during my early years, but inside I struggled with low self-esteem and thoughts of not being worthy of good things. Those feelings escalated as I faced one situation of rejection after another. Eventually, I lost my MOJO… myself and my confidence, choosing to shut off from building friendships or connecting with people. This led to depression and comfort eating. In 2017, I finally made a decision to change my life and joined 100 Strong & Sexy. I didn’t know what to expect but discovered more than a fitness regime. At first, I struggled to get myself into a workout routine, but what I gained from the emotional and spiritual content of this movement helped me to transform the way I think and my perspective of what could be for me. I not only found a sisterhood of friends who encouraged, motivated, inspired, and prayed with me, but I also found renewed faith and my MOJO! I am so grateful to Jully Black and all the participants.

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Belinda Tulloch

I finally decided to take the plunge with 100 Strong and Sexy after watching a friend on IG and her raved reviews.  In a normal time without Covid I probably would never have done this. With soccer shut down for both myself and my kids, I had so much time on my hands.  I never imagined ever that there would have been anything else that could take its place. I had no idea something BIG was missing in my life. The space, the positivity,  the confidence and belief these women have brought into my life is unbelievable.  And to imagine this has all been done online. I can’t wait to meet these amazing women in person. I don’t think you realize the impact of a group like this unless you actually become a part of it. My love for STEP has grown and has become an outlet for all my emotions. I step when I’m happy, I step when I’m sad and even frustrated. I can’t thank the 100 SAS COMMUNITY and MISS JULLY BLACK 

enough for the reset of my mindset, my biggest accomplishment. You have brought my belief, love and confidence in myself to another level. Bring on C10!!!

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Dianne Sowa

If you really knew me you would know that before I got married and had children I was always confident with my sense of style and how I felt when I would walk into school, work or any room. However, after having children that all changed. I no longer liked shopping, I felt that everything I would try on did not look good and secondly, I lost my sense of style in a way that held me back from feeling 100% confident in my skin, but no one would ever know. February of 2017 when I stepped on the scale and weighed 160lbs I was shocked. I was like likkle ole me can’t be carrying this much weight and that is when my journey of wellness truly started and I have been going ever since. My goal is and has always been to get rid of this baby pouch but it’s much harder than I expected. 100SAS came into my life in December of 2019 and it has changed me forever.

With the encouraging words of my girlfriends ‘Good Girls’ and the empowerment from being in this sisterhood, I have now been able to accept all of me the way I am and not to hide behind baggy t-shirts. This realization is because of Step. I step for a cardio workout but not only that, I step for joy; I step to dance; I step to release emotion, I step because my step is a safe place and brings me happiness. This is now what I see when I look in the mirror – a person who is 100% confident enough to be in a sports bra and who cares if her stomach is out ah door, LOL. I no longer look in the mirror and see this big baby pouch hanging over her pants. I see someone who is alive, free and grateful and she is about to get on the step and live out her best life, who cares who is watching. I’m no longer focused on one area, although still a work in process, but I’m focused on all of me – physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Stepping has brought so much positivity to my life. Jully and team thank you for this community called 100SAS it has taught me and I’m sure teaching others that the same beauty that is within you is the same beauty on the outside if you choose to embrace it.

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Success Stories

Dominique Darmanin

If you knew me, you would know that I struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I developed poor eating habits and struggled to feel comfortable in my skin. I began turning my life around after seeing how my mother struggled with her health and ultimately passed away as a result. I made some progress, however, there came a point I felt stuck. Eventually, this led to my weight slowly creeping back. Fortunately, I found 100 Strong & Sexy, which was what I needed to get my wellness journey back on track. Accountability. Supportive community. Beautiful women who are encouraging one another to meet and exceed their goals. That is exactly what I did. I have released a total of 50 lbs. I am healthier, stronger, and feel more empowered to continue this wellness journey with the support of 100 Strong & Sexy. I owe so much of my success to this movement.

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Success Stories

Grace Brown

If you really knew me, you would know that I joined SAS on August 1st, 2019. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted to see a change in weight, and I needed a program that would keep me motivated and accountable. I was following 100 Strong & Sexy on IG seeing all the very energetic women losing weight and having fun along the way. I made up in my mind that I was not going to just watch anymore. C4, I jumped in with both feet, and since then, I’ve released 27lbs. I treat every day with SAS as day one! #nevergiveup #keepgoing

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Heather Dickenson

If you really knew me, you would know that I began a journey with 100 Strong & Sexy this past year and a half. 500+ days of Healthy Living. Who would have thought this healthy challenge would lead me on a journey of self-discovery, accountability, discipline, sisterhood, and self-love? While the road has been tough, I am meeting each step with my head held high, and what I have gained above, is a result of the 65lbs I have released to date There is no stopping me now, for I AM A CONQUEROR. #100SASFORLIFE

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Jennifer Harrison

If you knew me before SAS you would know that I was struggling with my mental health. SAS has given me the tools and confidence to work on myself,  and set boundaries. Because of SAS I feel more like the old me, the happier and healthier me.

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Marjorie Britton

If you knew me before you would know that while I was a personable person, I was very reserved. Offering encouragement/support but keeping things to myself and not giving others the chance to do the same. Reflecting back, it may have been fear of being judge or rejected for saying or doing the wrong thing.

Being part of SAS has exposed me up to a commUNITY where there is unconditional acceptance, and being supportive is inherent in the group. This allows me to be more open about myself, confident and sharing 100% authenticity of ME with others.

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Maryl Clyke

If you really knew me, you would know that I have struggled with anxiety & depression for the last 20 years of my life. It’s something that comes and goes when it wants to and completely depletes my motivation, drive and determination; sometimes there’s no reason or rhyme behind it. Because of my struggle, fitness and health has always been extremely important, and it’s why I became a certified fitness instructor in 2011. I’ve maintained a healthy and active lifestyle and helped others do the same. It wasn’t until 2018, that I realized I was physically experiencing grief and it was taking a toll on my body. Despite eating healthy and working out more than the average person (because of teaching), I still gained weight.

My clothes were fitting tighter and I had a general malaise in my body. As a result, my self-esteem was affected, especially as a fitness and health professional. I  would withdraw from photos, opting to take the photo instead. I began my downward spiral in early 2020. And, even though I was in Costa Rica working, a place I absolutely love, the depression was slowly winning. Then the pandemic hit. My daughter and I were separated from her brother and my son for 6 months. For the first time in 15 years, I quit working out. I began to drink daily. I knew the damage that I was doing to myself and Covid was the perfect excuse. When I returned home in November 2020, I knew I needed help. I stood on the scale and saw myself at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life – even heavier than when I was pregnant! I was disgusted with myself. I knew I had work to do, but where to start? With some encouragement from Heather Robinson, I took the plunge and joined 100 Strong and Sexy (100SAS) and it was exactly what I needed. This community, this sisterhood, has been my lifeline and helped to lift me out of my funk. Wake and Worship began to shape my weekly outlook. My prayer partner, Lori-Ann, was sent by God to pray for me and to become a dear friend. Then there was Step. I found a new workout to LOVE. I looked forward to the challenges each new step presented. Belly Boss Network started the transformation from the inside out. Arms of an Angel provided the grief support I never knew I needed. The amazing women of 100SAS inspired me to get back to living my healthy lifestyle – mind, body and soul. My SAS sisters helped me to learn and grow into a better version of myself. My heart overflows with gratitude for my SAS family. We are beyond blessed to have such a dedicated and selfless leader in Jully Black. Thank you for welcoming me so completely. On top of everything, I am EXCITED to share that I released a total of 55 lbs since December 1, 2020! I am a 100SAS member for life!

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Success Stories

Mia Villella

If you really knew me, you would know I have struggled with an eating disorder – “Bulimia” for many years. My first diet started at the age of 12. I have been one a lot of different diets, so many from diet pills, cleanses, counting points, starvation, and addiction to laxatives.

I’ve been self-conscious about how I felt and looked in outfits, and would always cover up in layers. Hardly would wear shorts and swimsuits.

Since I started with SAS – last April 2019, I have had a mind shift, treating each day as a new day and embracing it through spirituality, eating well (most days), and fitness. And if it’s not the best day that’s ok, I just shift back, and I say it’s ok instead of putting myself down.

I’m walking tall and proud of my accomplishments. I have met so many beautiful women throughout this journey and am so grateful. I truly love all my sister’s eagles and pray for all of us. Thank you, Jully, for your inspiration and your vision.

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Michelle Francis-Smith

“If you knew me you would know I was an athlete from the age of 5.  Movement was one of the most natural things in my life, track and field and basketball were my first loves and gave me such confidence and helped me grow through adversity and build so much of my character.  After post secondary I dropped so much of that lifestyle adding the roles of Wife, Parent, Massage Therapist, Educator and was carrying excess weight beyond physical.  It became more challenging to manage after having my 3 beautiful daughters (one of whom has Down Syndrome), building a successful career and maintaining my marriage.  As abundantly blessed I was equally out of balance for a long time.

In 2018 just after the sudden death of my oldest brother Tony I was at a low point and it was then that Jully invited me into 100 Strong And Sexy inspired after the passing of her Mama who was like a second Mom to me growing up. I’m so grateful that without knowing anything about it I said YES!!!! Throughout my 8 cycles I have reconnected with lost parts of me, created connections with incredible women I would have never met, started dancing again on the step through The Power of Step, released stress, weight, inches and am vibrating higher and freer than ever before. I have transformed mentally, physically and spiritually.  If you really knew me you would know that Jully Black and 100 SAS community has given me my life back and access to even more possibilities in the life I’m creating each day….”  Michelle Francis-Smith Cycle 1 100SAS Alumni/Ambassador

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Success Stories

Monieque Facey

If you really knew me, you would know that I never had it easy. I was born in Jamaica, and the district that I came from was very poor. I used to walk 1 mile back and forth each day just to get an education. On July 29th, 1992, my life changed forever; I was woken up in the wee hours of the morning taken to the airport the only thing I knew, I was going to Canada to a parade, and I would come right back. As a child, of course, I was excited about the way the story was told to me! It was all a lie. I later found out my mom sent me to my aunt to raise me because we were so poor. Talk about the culture shock I was in a different country with cousins whom I had never met before that day. My aunt was never home; she worked two jobs, so I was often left alone with my cousins and my grandmother. In 2004 my grandmother passed away, and again I felt abandoned. In December of 2018, I was introduced to 100SAS and decided to make the change from my unhealthy ways. I have lost a total of 77lbs. My name is Monieque, and “I AM THE CHANGE.”

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Nadia Rodney

If you really knew me, you would know that I have struggled with my weight since the age of twelve. I spent years hearing “you’ve got such a beautiful face, if you’d only lose the weight”. After I left home for college my weight gain spun out of control thru my entire adult life, until age 39. It was at this point I made the decision to reclaim my health both mentally and physically to become my BEST version of me I could be. It was time to start making healthier choices, get my body moving with exercise and become a positive role model for my children. 

#fabat40 was my new shift in mindset. I released 125 lbs over a two year period and achieved my goal, I was now a healthier, fitter Nadia living my best life. A couple years later, we were hit with what we now call COVID-19, a global pandemic. Our world as we knew it was turned upside down. This shift caused the gyms, my me time to be stripped away from me. It left me with an overwhelming sense of fear and anxieties I had never in my lifetime experienced. I began to eat, I began to drink and before I knew it I had gained 20Lbs. With this weight gain I began to experience negative self talk which caused me to turn to food more than ever as a means of comfort. It had become a vicious cycle. On August 9, 2020 I called my friend Dominique to come for a visit to discuss 100 SAS as I had watched her have such success throughout her journey. During our conversation I registered for Cycle 7 of 100 Strong and Sexy and here I am now almost 300 days into my own journey. I have successfully released 15 of the 20Lbs I had gained, I have met an amazing group of like minded women I am proud to call my SAS Sisters.  I cannot wait to meet them in the flesh once COVID allows it. 100 Strong and Sexy has given me the source of accountability I needed in such times of uncertainty. I am also proud to have been chosen by Miss Jully Black and the 100 SAS Admin team to represent SAS as an Ambassador thru Cycles 8 & 9. Another breakthrough that SAS has allowed me to achieve is the grieving process of losing my Mother as well as other traumas experienced during my life by sharing my emotions and experiences with other members who have had similar experiences.

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Success Stories

Tanya McKenzie-Hunter

If you really knew me, you would know that my weight has fluctuated throughout the years. The negative comments about my weight since childhood have always remained with me, and the inconsistency in the health journey was my downfall. It took me a while, but with a shift in my mindset, I threw out the negative comments and turned this journey around to do it for ME! No one else, JUST ME. To date, I have released 42lbs, and with the driving support of all the women that I have met through 100 Strong & Sexy, it has been a blast!!! I have my eyes set on the prize, and it’s ME!!! #100SASFORLIFE #NOSTOPPINGNOW #DOINGITFORME

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Success Stories

Temika Nicole Gittens

If you really knew me, you’d know I have spent most of my life wishing I could fit into that one thing. Wishing I could freely walk into the store and actually find my size. You’d know that I’ve tried so many different things to lose weight. And each time, I was not successful. What changed for me was being transformed from within and connecting with like minded sisters who had common goals. Having sisters cheer me on. It’s been 100+ days, 35 released pounds later. I am more confident to workout and try new workout programs. There is no longer a fear of who is watching. I AM PERSEVERING through it all. So here’s to #100StrongandSexy, we are in this for life.

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Success Stories

Tricia Blake

If you really knew me, you would know that a few years before my 100 Strong & Sexy journey, I was consistently betting against myself AND steadily losing. Like losing in all areas: physically, I watched weight creep up on me like it was nobody’s business, and I wasn’t even concerned to make it my business. Mentally: the light wasn’t out, but it was definitely dim. Financially: job loss followed by a four-year career struggle, having to sell my home and start all over again, sent my confidence reeling. I let the rollercoaster of life almost give me a TKO after four rounds. I fast forward to the day that I found the courage to get back into the ring and fight, bet ON myself, and make myself a priority. Five cycles of 100 Strong & Sexy, how much do I love me? Let me count the ways. I am counting 60+ lbs released AND 400+ days of wellness powered by faith, sisterhood, and self-love that IS 100 Strong & Sexy. I measure the brilliance of my light, and it shines bright like a diamond. Life has thrown me a few punches over the past 400+ days, but I am a fighter. I am more than a conqueror. I am 100SAS4LIFE.

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Success Stories

Yvonne Reid

If you really knew me, you would know that I am not a stranger to tragic events. These events have affected me negatively, my weight, self-esteem, confidence, trust, and spirituality. Everything that would make me whole was off balance As a child, I lost two siblings one crib death and other stillborn I was a teenager when my father was killed by a drunk driver, as a young adult, I lost a brother who was misdiagnosed ( his lungs collapsed) Two years later last my mom to cancer went through my divorced A few years later cancer claimed two more of my brothers I tried to be happy by going to church, parties, etc. When that didn’t work, I cut people off and build a wall around me. I put myself on a shelf. In 2003 I was 203 lbs. When SAS found me, I was 168 lbs. The physical looked good, but the mental and spiritual were lacking. I have embraced 100 Strong & Sexy, and have released 33 lbs and gained confidence, self-esteem, family, friendship, and sisterhood. My spirituality has been restored. I am stronger; I am enough, I am woman, I am more than a conqueror. I live every day. SAS for life, because SAS saved my life.

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Great and GLOWrious Day Sister eagles!

My name is Jully Black, I’m 42 years old, Toronto born and the youngest of 9 children. My professional career is on wiki so I’ll focus on being the proud founder and active member of 100 Strong & Sexy. 

I started this movement to help me with the pain that was taking a toll on me after the sudden passing of my beloved Mother Agatha on November 29th, 2017. From that Day until August 1st 2018 I turned to chips and wine on a daily to crunch and drown my sorrows. 

God is so sovereign that he had me become a vegan 2 years prior so I didn’t gain much weight but I saw that as his AMAZING GRACE. 

The message I heard loud in my spirit was “Don’t let life pin you down before you decide to get up” so I got up and made my next move my best move! 

The call to action was to go on a 100 day health and wellness journey with 56 other Women. Many who are still here, they too decided to take control of their mental, emotional and physical Health and to go on a mission of “Restoring Faith In Female Friendships.”

Here we are, two years later and I am so happy you all have said YES to make the rest of your life the best of your life! You will see this message in all the clubs as aside of Besties Club, each club was birthed as a result of what was missing from my own life. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi 

The Book Club was birthed after I was paid to read five books on CBC but soon after fell off! I knew needed accountability so I formed a club! 


The Step Club was formed as a result of Covid19 locking the gyms and my Bestie Nkechi encouraging me to step with her. I was garbage at first so I had to unpack the ego and why I was being so hard on myself and surrender to the fun!


This club was birthed after speaking to another sister eagle Rosie and a few other Eagles who also lost parents and loved ones and needed support. Our club is unique and inspiring. We celebrate the living while honouring those who have transitioned. 

As a 3 year Vegan turned plant forward advocate, this group was birthed to help our members see that there are LOTS of YUMMY foods in the plant forward space! I released so much inflammation and weight when I dropped meat! I’m not radical though, so this is to support those who are curious or want to transition even for a cycle! If you love meat EAT IT!

Formerly “The Prayer Engine” this club was birthed in 2016! Yep, many of us have been praying, memorizing bible verses and entire chapters (yes, chapters!) plus fasting together for 4 years! In 2015 I was on a journey to go deeper with God so I committed to celibacy for 3 years and decided I didn’t want to use Sex, Money or food to pacify my pain any longer. The rest will be in the book LOL. If you’re interested in joining the PDL (purpose driven life) bible memorization group please Email

With the subject PDL.
I chose this photo to let satan see that in spite of all I’ve endured, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, being stabbed as a youth, severe financial hardship, betrayal, loss of 3 siblings and my Mother, 9 year relationship ending badly and more, THE JOY OF MY LORD IS MY STRENGTH!

Find your smile daily! It’s a powerful tool and weapon!

With Love,