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I am a strong, confident and encouraging woman. My faith is very important to me and prayer is a big part of my life.  100 SAS was and is my answered prayer to transforming myself physically and nutritionally. With focus on my career and volunteering, my health and fitness took second place… until now!

I am a proud 100 SAS Ambassador who encourages all and am passionate about mental health and how the combination of faith, health and wellness can truly transform our bodies and keep us in a state of “whole”.

BA in Business admin and marketing, facilitator with Sashbear.Org, women’s ministry executive member at Church on The Queensway, baker, cook, sports enthusiast and 100 Strong and Sexy warrior!

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I am a dedicated health and wellness enthusiast who loves everything about the fit life. I embarked on my fitness journey many years ago when my first child was born and never looked back. I continually strive to be healthy, strong and confident.  There is no secret, put in the work!

I have a BA in fine arts and graphic design, MMA enthusiast, 100SAS Ambassador, Lifelong Learner and currently seeking accreditation in Personal Training & Nutrition.

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I joined 100 Strong and Sexy to become a part of a movement where I can inspire and empower others to eat and live a healthy life and share my own struggles and accomplishments to meet my goals

The best part of my journey is hearing from fellow eagle sisters looking for guidance and support

My role on the A-team is lead for all of 100 Strong and Sexy Events

If you really knew me, you would know that I am a warrior with the heart of a lion.

Instagram: @rosiebigdreamevents

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I am so passionate about 100 Strong And Sexy!  It has given me the opportunity to grow with a community of women and empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves!  I love watching everyone around me grow as individuals and be so motivated by this amazing challenge! 

I am a tough love- soft hearted personal trainer that LOVES fitness!  My passion is helping people grow into the best versions of themselves.  Beyond that, I love being empowered and empowering others! Personal training has rewarded me the ability to be able to connect with so many people on such a deep level, it’s been life-changing for everyone involved including myself!

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Health and Fitness is my life mantra! 
I am an Educator and I have a passion for helping young people.  I have a BA in Early Childhood Studies, BEd in Teaching and MEd in Curriculum, Learning and Teaching. I enjoy seeing my students transform from the beginning of the school year till the end. In the same respect, I have a passion for Wellness and enjoy seeing others transform their lives, which is what SAS is all about. I have had my own transformation being apart of SAS and I love to support others on their life journeys as well; whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, financially or spiritually. 
I believe in self-care and think it is important to focus on health, wealth, love and happiness! I live by this verse: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13) 
If you knew me, you would know I love to train, love yoga, love discovering and cooking healthy foods, love spending time with close family and friends and love relaxing with good music – mainly smooth jazz!
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I am an overcomer, I am stronger than I think and I am resilient!  I believe through my faith in Jesus, I can and I will do all things through Him that strengthens me!  I joined 100 SAS during Cycle 2 because Janine Gordon (another Sister Eagle and A-Team) referred me and I haven’t stopped participating in this movement since!

Being a wife, a mother of two children, a Senior Risk Manager in the financial industry and an active volunteer at church and in the community has kept me beyond busy…but 100 SAS has been my lifesaver!  It has reminded me that I am my own priority and there’s nothing selfish about that!  It has kept me accountable to my health and fitness goals and continues to keep pushing me pass my own limitations.  It has also expanded my village in ways that I didn’t know I needed.  For that I’m forever grateful for and will continue to support 100 SAS’ objective and mission to complete health and wellness of the mind, body and soul.

Instagram: @heatherjrobinson

Lead-HER-ship Team


I am a passionate, and active health and wellness advocate.
I have also spent the last decade working for an international online learning company as a Higher education specialist and it has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life who aspire to improve their career and personal goals.
I joined SAS from cycle 1, I was fed up of fighting to stay healthy and lose weight. It seemed like a great challenge, especially because you had to be accountable with your workouts and your food or you were eliminated and this is what I needed.
SAS has really helped many of us to make a positive shift in terms of our self image as well as the unhealthy choices we occasionally make.
Restoring Faith in Female Friendships, genuine authentic supportive sisterhood, and the new mindsets is what I appreciate about 100 sas, its invaluable.
It’s so refreshing to hear the testimonials from various individuals who are dedicated and determined to embrace a new positive healthy lifestyle.

I am an active mother of 2 boys who are crazy about soccer. But I am so much more than a soccer mom. A interior design enthusiast, and
passionate about nutrition and food. Yep I need SAS because I love food!! Joke aside, I find it so interesting how we can find so many healthy alternatives to junk. So I am determined to always encourage others to achieve their best life by making better lifestyle habits!! I love being a part of this 100SAS journey, it is such an honor to serve and support individuals achieve a more positive and purposeful lifestyle, focusing on their health and fitness goals.

It’s a new season and let’s continue to soar!!

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I am a fun-loving, passionate and confident woman committed to making better health and wellness choices each day. Being on this 100 Strong and Sexy journey has helped me transform my body, mind and spirit, while encouraging others to do the same. It’s about whole health and I am truly thankful for that! To be part of this tribe where I am surrounded by like-minded women, that encourage and up-lift one another is incredibly powerful and life-giving. I am constantly seeking opportunities to learn, grow and be stretched – 100SAS consistently delivers.

It is a blessing to utilize my passion for serving others and my background in business management to support the advancement of this movement. My goal is to positively influence lives, as I take action daily to evolve into the best version of myself! 

Instagram: @mrsmadface

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In my regular full-time career, I work in the IT field. Technical Support is the area I am currently working in. Outside of that, I am a certified power yoga instructor and personal trainer. I have put those two certifications to work and can be found teaching yoga, bootcamps, and other fitness modalities at fitness centres.
I have been with 100 Strong and Sexy since Cycle Two. When I first heard about the movement in Cycle One, I was a little disappointed when I heard that participation was limited. In fact, I actually unfollowed the account on Instagram so that I would not dwell on this. When registrations opened for Cycle Two, I was all over it! My initial reason for joining was for accountability. I thrived on the competitive aspect of avoiding eliminations and ensuring that I work out every single day. Still, something was missing… By the end of the cycle, I realised that I did not get what really mattered. I had mastered the physical, but my mindset was still the same…
Cycle Three is where things changed. I became a Belly Boss Ambassador and learned from Miranda Malisani – one of the top holistic nutritionists in Canada – and I made an effort to attend in-person events. Rome was not built in a day and I will always be on my personal journey. Thanks to 100 Strong and Sexy, I am able to really embrace the journey.
The best part of 100 SAS is the connections made, and the support received. It is always comforting to know that when there is a burning question, or a thought that needs to be shared, that someone will be available in the chat. I have observed many friendships formed, and many lives changed as a result of this movement. 
If you knew me… You would know that I have been a serial volunteer for several years – I have volunteered for organizations such as the MS Society, Wanderlust, and Waterloo Central Railway. Now, I am honoured to serve as a member of the A-Team.
If you knew me… You will see me stop and look every time a train goes by. Yes, I am a rail fan and trains will always fascinate me. 
If you knew me… You better know that my favourite colour is purple.

Instagram: @activegej

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I have a passion for sisterhood; I stand for empowerment, edification and
encouragement within my community of women but more specifically minority women. I currently work in Project Management as an Junior Project Manager in the IT industry; I am working towards my PROSCI (Change Management) and PMP (Project Management) accreditation. I wear multiple hats in my community because I enjoy building relationships and helping.
Since, I stand for the empowerment, edification and encouragement of minority women within our community; I felt that this was a movement that aligned with my passions. For myself I wanted to get back into a consistent fitness routine but also reclaim my confidence and deal with other realms of my life that I have not been focusing on, for example mental, spiritual and emotional health.

The best part of my SAS journey so far is that I have reclaimed my power in my life; I have made changes and decisions since starting 100 SAS C6 that it has propelled me to healing, growth and the restoration of my confidence.  I especially love being a part of a healthy sisterhood that is focused on ensuring mutual success!

I am not only a new sister eagle but I am on the A-Team and am a Mentor for our Calgary (YYC) group.

If you really knew me, you would know that I struggle with my self-perception but as I continue to get to know myself I am learning to stand in my power and establish healthy boundaries in all my relationships.

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By day, I am a Certified Event Producer and the CEO of Events by Treasure. For the past 20 years, I have managed international corporate executive events and experiences for 5 of Canada’s top communications, technology, financial, insurance, and luxury hospitality brands. In an effort to continue growing the social side of my event planning business, I recently obtained my Wedding Designer & Planner designation. By night, I’m a positive and energetic person, dog owner and lover, addicted to travel and learning to love fitness one weight training, spin and Zumba class at a time.

I joined 100 SAS because I desired being a part of a strong and safe community where I could focus daily on taking time for me without feeling guilty. Reducing stress levels due to a super busy career and releasing weight were my main motivators. 

The best part of my 100 SAS journey continues to be the opportunity to learn about myself, to grow holistically, and to serve others.

I am a proud 100SAS Eagle who humbly serves this thriving movement by providing project and event management support.

If you really knew me, you would know that my favourite way to stay active is by hiking in nature with my energetic and curious dog Kaizen. I’ve also been told my smile and my positive aura are my super powers, which make me highly allergic to negative energy or people. Gratitude, laughter, and faith help to keep me focused on living my best life. 

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A-Team Member.


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Great and GLOWrious Day Sister eagles!

My name is Jully Black, I’m 42 years old, Toronto born and the youngest of 9 children. My professional career is on wiki so I’ll focus on being the proud founder and active member of 100 Strong & Sexy. 

I started this movement to help me with the pain that was taking a toll on me after the sudden passing of my beloved Mother Agatha on November 29th, 2017. From that Day until August 1st 2018 I turned to chips and wine on a daily to crunch and drown my sorrows. 

God is so sovereign that he had me become a vegan 2 years prior so I didn’t gain much weight but I saw that as his AMAZING GRACE. 

The message I heard loud in my spirit was “Don’t let life pin you down before you decide to get up” so I got up and made my next move my best move! 

The call to action was to go on a 100 day health and wellness journey with 56 other Women. Many who are still here, they too decided to take control of their mental, emotional and physical Health and to go on a mission of “Restoring Faith In Female Friendships.”

Here we are, two years later and I am so happy you all have said YES to make the rest of your life the best of your life! You will see this message in all the clubs as aside of Besties Club, each club was birthed as a result of what was missing from my own life. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi 

The Book Club was birthed after I was paid to read five books on CBC but soon after fell off! I knew needed accountability so I formed a club! 


The Step Club was formed as a result of Covid19 locking the gyms and my Bestie Nkechi encouraging me to step with her. I was garbage at first so I had to unpack the ego and why I was being so hard on myself and surrender to the fun!


This club was birthed after speaking to another sister eagle Rosie and a few other Eagles who also lost parents and loved ones and needed support. Our club is unique and inspiring. We celebrate the living while honouring those who have transitioned. 

As a 3 year Vegan turned plant forward advocate, this group was birthed to help our members see that there are LOTS of YUMMY foods in the plant forward space! I released so much inflammation and weight when I dropped meat! I’m not radical though, so this is to support those who are curious or want to transition even for a cycle! If you love meat EAT IT!

Formerly “The Prayer Engine” this club was birthed in 2016! Yep, many of us have been praying, memorizing bible verses and entire chapters (yes, chapters!) plus fasting together for 4 years! In 2015 I was on a journey to go deeper with God so I committed to celibacy for 3 years and decided I didn’t want to use Sex, Money or food to pacify my pain any longer. The rest will be in the book LOL. If you’re interested in joining the PDL (purpose driven life) bible memorization group please Email info@100strongandsexy.com

With the subject PDL.
I chose this photo to let satan see that in spite of all I’ve endured, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, being stabbed as a youth, severe financial hardship, betrayal, loss of 3 siblings and my Mother, 9 year relationship ending badly and more, THE JOY OF MY LORD IS MY STRENGTH!

Find your smile daily! It’s a powerful tool and weapon!

With Love,

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