I am a strong, confident and encouraging woman. My faith is very important to me and prayer is a big part of my life.  100 SAS was and is my answered prayer to transforming myself physically and nutritionally. With focus on my career and volunteering, my health and fitness took second place… until now!

I am a proud 100 SAS Ambassador who encourages all and am passionate about mental health and how the combination of faith, health and wellness can truly transform our bodies and keep us in a state of “whole”.

BA in Business admin and marketing, facilitator with Sashbear.Org, women’s ministry executive member at Church on The Queensway, baker, cook, sports enthusiast and 100 Strong and Sexy warrior!

Instagram: @K_leesteeler



I am a dedicated health and wellness enthusiast who loves everything about the fit life. I embarked on my fitness journey many years ago when my first child was born and never looked back. I continually strive to be healthy, strong and confident.  There is no secret, put in the work!

I have a BA in fine arts and graphic design, MMA enthusiast, 100SAS Ambassador, Lifelong Learner and currently seeking accreditation in Personal Training & Nutrition.

Instagram: @fittmovementz



I am so passionate about 100 Strong And Sexy!  It has given me the opportunity to grow with a community of women and empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves!  I love watching everyone around me grow as individuals and be so motivated by this amazing challenge! 

I am a tough love- soft hearted personal trainer that LOVES fitness!  My passion is helping people grow into the best versions of themselves.  Beyond that, I love being empowered and empowering others! Personal training has rewarded me the ability to be able to connect with so many people on such a deep level, it’s been life-changing for everyone involved including myself!

IG handle @1queencat



Health and Fitness is my life mantra!?

Me? I am an Educator, who loves to support others on their life journeys, whether its physically support, emotional, mental, financial, spiritual. My goal is to help others with whatever life goals they set for themselves.  I love working out, doing yoga, cooking healthy food, spending time with close family and friends and relaxing with good music…mostly smooth jazz!

“I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength” Phil 4:13



When I first met Jully, something drew me to her and briefly opened up and shared a bit. She had spoke about her vision with her movement creation and right away I was interested.

I was in a horrible dark place within myself. Diagnosed with anxiety/depression, my surroundings were toxic and I was at my lowest point in my life where I almost gave up on life.

I wanted to change my surroundings, I needed to heal, I wanted something to push me to bring out the best of me which lead me to join the movement of 100 Strong And Sexy.

Thanks to 100 SAS, I AM loving all of me, I AM feeling whole, I AM happy, I AM glowing and I AM healing. My marriage has improved and my interaction with my daughters is just incredible! I AM able to remove myself from toxic relationships, I AM restoring faith in female friendships , I AM no longer needing my prescription for anti-depressant, I AM full of life, I AM getting stronger, I AM feeling alive, I AM able to follow my passion in something I am good at.

I believe in this vision and will continue to be a part of it’s success and it’s forward momentum. I have seen it transform and save many lives – physically and mentally!

“To change your body you first must change your mind”.

“The world needs more help with Mental health”.

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