About 100 Strong and Sexy

Developed by Jully Black, this 100 day fitness program is open and accessible to all women. Through the course of the routine, the participants will slowly but surely, get results. The goal is to focus on all aspects of health, not just fitness, but spirituality, discipline, accountability, self care and self worth. By putting in the time and work, this program will transform how a woman looks but most importantly how she feels about herself. The results are in the routine. Women supporting women to be the best they can be.

What sets us apart?

Our mantra is all about empowerment. Women empowering women, finding our strength and empowering ourselves.

I Can and therefore I WILL.



Real health is not really about how you look, but its about how you feel. To achieve strength and sexiness, you put the work in and as you build towards your goals, becoming accountable to yourself, inside you are transformed, to become the strongest version of who you are. And we believe that strength is sexy.

A symbol of courage, valour and power, the panther is the symbol associated with this brand. Known of course for their agility, strength and loyalty watching a panther move, is also incredibly beautiful. They have an awareness and presence over their bodies that is gorgeous to behold. Because of this we felt as though the Panther was a great symbol for our brand. We are, Strong, Powerful, Sexy, Agile.


Our Founder Our SHEro and SheEO

Learn more about the woman behind the movement – Canadian R&B icon Jully Black.


Ready to join the movement?


  1. Anita Telford
    November 23, 2019 @ 10:38 am

    Good day,
    I live in the east, would the activities be held centrally in Toronto? I would like to participate but want to commit if I know that I can attend & remain committed.


    • 100 SAS 100 SAS
      November 24, 2019 @ 9:25 am

      Great day Sister Eagle, we have many activites all across the G.T.A. There will be opportunities to connect with other Eagles and attend. Our team and our flock are global, so many cannot attend the events. We do our best.


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