COVID-19 Update: 100 Strong & Sexy event programming has transitioned to virtual. All in-cycle events are currently only being offered virtually. 

How does our 100-day program work?

It is a 15-week health and wellness program that incorporates a variety of fitness and nutrition challenges, and community engagement. The fitness aspect will challenge you every week to:
  • Exercise 5 days a week for 45-60 minutes, doing an exercise of your choice.
  • Unplug with a Digital Detox and take a social media break and be fully present in mind, body and spirit on Days 6 and 7.
  • Journal the highlights of the past week, track your progress and meal prep for the week ahead.
How does our 100-day program work?

But wait, there’s more. We incorporate the “each one, teach one” principle by providing member support to facilitate a more inclusive community culture where we celebrate our successes no matter how big or small.

How does our 100-day program work- Club Membership

As part of your membership, you have access to a number of optional clubs to continue building upon your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental transformations. It is also an opportunity to restore faith in female friendships and create meaningful, genuine CommUnity with other 100 SAS members.

Are you interested in sharing your journey on social media? As an ambassador it will be a great way to inspire others and promote your commitment to your health and wellness journey. For more information contact us.

100 Strong & Sexy was founded by Jully Black to help her to heal from the sudden loss of her mother Agatha to pancreatic cancer. Jully has recognized that many Sister Eagles in this flock are dealing with grief and loss at different stages. As a result, this group is open to any person who has experienced a loss. Loss may include: breaking up with a loved one, loss of identity, divorce, losing a friendship, loss of a pet, death of a friend/family member, etc. It is a safe space for members of this community to come together to share each other’s journey regardless of when the loss occurred, find healing, acceptance, peace, and a renewed sense of joy!

Join this group for fun entertainment and participate on Instagram Live with host Jully Black for a series of events you can participate in​.

Meet monthly with other club members to discuss assigned chapters, activities, lessons learned, and ways to implement the tips and tricks from the book into your 100-day transformation journey.

100 Strong & Sexy Book Club Picks

Members have the option to join this group and learn more about how to integrate plant-based or plant-forward eating patterns into their lifestyles. 

The Step Club is a throwback to 90’s step aerobics with routines set to choreographed hip hop, R&B, soca and dancehall music.

Listen or partake weekly for a special time of prayer, intercession, and fellowship. A place to care for and tune up your life’s engine; your heart.

How does our 100-day program work - The Belly Boss Network

The Belly Boss Network is the 100 Strong & Sexy community connection that will help you level up your 360° health and wellness journey.

It includes an EXCLUSIVE membership to a 40-day guided nutrition program.

Access to the Belly Boss Network is available as an add-on for Silver and Gold Memberships for $200.

Powered by the guiding principle “finding the joy from the gut up,” we have partnered with industry experts who provide:

  • Fitness tips and strategies for healthy weight loss e.g., lose inches, slimmer waist, building a strong core, etc.
  • Guidance on optimizing a healthy gut and mind and much, much more.
What is included?

Healthy meal plan(s)

Educational workshops

Partner discounts

How does our 100-day program work - The Business Booster

Business Booster 2.0 Coming Fall 2021

The Business Booster is the 100 Strong & Sexy community connection to take your business to the next level. Build your business network, get in front of the right people, promote your business to a wide audience, and start increasing your revenue by taking part in our official Business Booster.

The Business Booster can be added onto any existing Membership package for $150. The Business Booster add-on is subject to approval.

  • Your business listing will be added to a directory of all Business Booster members.
  • Each week, at least one business will be featured in the 100 SAS Weekly Bulletin.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with social media and business influencers within your industry.
  • Each business participating in The Business Booster will be featured on the @100strongandsexy Instagram page.
  • Each business participating in The Business Booster will be promoted in one of Jully Black’s Instagram stories throughout the 100 days. 
  • Each business will be invited to a Pitch Night where you will get to pitch and promote your business to a number of prominent CEOs across Canada.

2020 Business Booster Directory


Heather Dickenson

Beachbody Coach

Events by Treasure


Seamoss N Tingz

Waistline Designs

Disclaimer: Membership, benefits and program details are subject to change at any time. Memberships and add-ons are non-refundable.

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    Great and GLOWrious Day Sister eagles!

    My name is Jully Black, I’m 42 years old, Toronto born and the youngest of 9 children. My professional career is on wiki so I’ll focus on being the proud founder and active member of 100 Strong & Sexy. 

    I started this movement to help me with the pain that was taking a toll on me after the sudden passing of my beloved Mother Agatha on November 29th, 2017. From that Day until August 1st 2018 I turned to chips and wine on a daily to crunch and drown my sorrows. 

    God is so sovereign that he had me become a vegan 2 years prior so I didn’t gain much weight but I saw that as his AMAZING GRACE. 

    The message I heard loud in my spirit was “Don’t let life pin you down before you decide to get up” so I got up and made my next move my best move! 

    The call to action was to go on a 100 day health and wellness journey with 56 other Women. Many who are still here, they too decided to take control of their mental, emotional and physical Health and to go on a mission of “Restoring Faith In Female Friendships.”

    Here we are, two years later and I am so happy you all have said YES to make the rest of your life the best of your life! You will see this message in all the clubs as aside of Besties Club, each club was birthed as a result of what was missing from my own life. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi 

    The Book Club was birthed after I was paid to read five books on CBC but soon after fell off! I knew needed accountability so I formed a club! 


    The Step Club was formed as a result of Covid19 locking the gyms and my Bestie Nkechi encouraging me to step with her. I was garbage at first so I had to unpack the ego and why I was being so hard on myself and surrender to the fun!


    This club was birthed after speaking to another sister eagle Rosie and a few other Eagles who also lost parents and loved ones and needed support. Our club is unique and inspiring. We celebrate the living while honouring those who have transitioned. 

    As a 3 year Vegan turned plant forward advocate, this group was birthed to help our members see that there are LOTS of YUMMY foods in the plant forward space! I released so much inflammation and weight when I dropped meat! I’m not radical though, so this is to support those who are curious or want to transition even for a cycle! If you love meat EAT IT!

    Formerly “The Prayer Engine” this club was birthed in 2016! Yep, many of us have been praying, memorizing bible verses and entire chapters (yes, chapters!) plus fasting together for 4 years! In 2015 I was on a journey to go deeper with God so I committed to celibacy for 3 years and decided I didn’t want to use Sex, Money or food to pacify my pain any longer. The rest will be in the book LOL. If you’re interested in joining the PDL (purpose driven life) bible memorization group please Email

    With the subject PDL.
    I chose this photo to let satan see that in spite of all I’ve endured, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, being stabbed as a youth, severe financial hardship, betrayal, loss of 3 siblings and my Mother, 9 year relationship ending badly and more, THE JOY OF MY LORD IS MY STRENGTH!

    Find your smile daily! It’s a powerful tool and weapon!

    With Love,